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The Royal Golf hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful spots near by Karlovy Vary (Carls bad) in the picturesque valley the Tepla River, on the Tančírna (Dancing Room) hillock. Actually, the building is not a real chateau but a majestic edifice whose imposing architecture once made villagers to call it ‘chateau’.

The history of the building is closely tied with the factory owner Rudolf Fischer who co-owned the Fischer – Mieg porcelain plant in Březová. In the 1880’s Fischer bought several lots with farms in Cihelny by Carls bad and turned them into a huge manor farm estate.

Actually, the building of Hotel Royal Golf is not a real chateau but a majestic edifice whose imposing architecture once made villagers to call it ‘chateau’.It was in the past one-storey building with oriels, spires and large attic premises enclosed in a park. Next to it there used to be a huge farm building. Inside the mansion was a number of valuable works of arts, a presentable hunter’s room, a Japanese room in one of the towers, a rich collection of old pipes, precious paintings and oriental carpets.

Later in 1890 Fischer had a luxury summer house built according to plans by the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer (ao. Grandhotel Pupp Karlovy Vary, Volkstheater in Vienna, National Opera in Odesa/Ukraine, State Opera in Prague. ) On November 3, 1934 a larger part of the building burnt down.

Several years after the Velvet Revolution the Chateau and the adjacent buildings were reconstructed and transformed into a hotel facility by its former owner Princ Albert.

The present-day owners have remodeled the main building in a brand new chateau art style and extended the accommodation capacity to a total of 62 beds (including both separate buildings). The Royal Golf chateau near by Carls bad thus regained its charm and romantic nature.


In the years 2010 and 2011 theHotel Royal Golfunderwent general extensive reconstruction in an chateau art style aimed at improving the comfort of accommodation and related services as well as increasing the number of beds.

The Royal Golf art hotel in Cihelny is the architectonic gem of the northern nook of the Slavkovsky Forest. Fortunately, despite the many years of complicated history and decay its devastation was warded off at the eleventh hour. We can only hope that the number of similarly rescued buildings will increase.