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Hot Spring is the official name for the largest thermal springs in Karlovy Vary, which is a temperature of 73.4 ° C while the warmest thermal spring Bohemia. Vřídla blowjob in the form of thermal fountain is located in the center of Karlovy Vary in the Colonnade, where due to the high pressure reaches a height of 12 m. The water is nearby Colonnade collected four purpose-built drilling up to 88 m deep (Vylita B., 1982) and distributed by pipeline through separation and storage tank into individual spa-facilities. Water from a thermal spring wells is fed without separation of the gas directly into the fountain. Other Carlsbad springs (called. Small springs) are also shown variously deep wells, one of which is then fed into the terma individual overflow vases in the colonnade. There is not only available in the initial temperature, but cooled at 30 and 50 ° C.