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every Thursday and Saturday from 10: 00 am

Exercise by the swimming pool with a trainer
If you wish so, a personal trainer will be available for you next to the swimming pool. Water gymnastics with trainer Highly popular and fun-loaded sessions of water exercise using a range of aids (such as Aqua belts and Aqua dumbbells) They combine fast-paced stages and body toning against water resistance. The exercise is suitable really for everyone, because no load is produced through hard impact on joints and the spine.

This exercise is available free of charge for all our hotel guests.

Special offer of spa treatment
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SM System
SM is short for “stabilization and mobilization” (of spine): This is an absolutely unique and highly effective programme of comprehensive therapy and prevention of backache (no matter whether in the lumbar, thoracic or cervical segment), and the whole locomotive system. The method is based on active exercise with an elastic rope. The aim is to heal and regenerate the spinal laminae the way no other method allowed so far. Thanks to the concatenation of the muscles, the spine expands, the faulty posture is rectified, the faulty neck posture is addressed, the tarsal area in flat feet is strengthened, the thumb position (hallux valgus) is improved, the waist is reduced, the abdomen is strengthened, and stability and balance improve greatly. It helps where other methods have failed.

Nordic walking
This is a fitness physical activity, a kind of walking where arm and leg movement is aligned and pushing along is achieved with special poles. Under normal laod, the pulse repetition frequency keeps within the comfortable region despite a high energy consumption. Compared to normal walking (with no poles), the energy use is by 22 % higher, the pulse repetition frequency is by 16 % higher, and 600 muscles throughout the human body are involved, representing nearly 90 % of all body muscles. This is what makes nordic walking more effective than normal walking. It is a unique method to reduce weight, increase physical fitness, improve posture and relieve back pain.