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Classical massage
It is a highly effective therapy method where applying hands to the body surface in a number of physical impulses results in modifications both locally and remotely. It improves blood circulation in the skin and muscles, accelerating the removal of substances that cause pain and fatigue in them. It makes the body relax and reduces tension and nervousness, allowing to regenerate physical strength. Applied lightly, it triggers soothing effects, while a fast and vigorous one can produce stimulative effects.

Aroma therapeutic massage
An aromatherapeutic massage is a kind of massage where concentrated herb oils (known as essential oils) are applied. The concentrated oils are mixed with massage oils and massage lotions. Effects of essential oils on our body Our body perceives oil due to the sense of smell. Our nose is linked to the limbic system found directly in the brain. The system is supposed to coordinate somatic functions that occur with emotions. It affects the nervous system. The scent of essential oils uses the limbic system to affect cardiac activity, blood pressure, digestion, and also memory and the immunity system. Apart from smelling, we feel the oil through our largest organ, skin, which absorbs the oil in the lower layers. There are many types of herbal oils, with each of these associated with a specific effect.

Relaxing massage of foot soles
This kind of highly pleasurable and soothing massage is applied to foot soles, tarsus and ankles on both feet, representing the entire body with all organs like a reflective mirror. The aim is to trigger a pleasurable soothing effect in numerous small joints, ligament sets and muscles in the feet. It enhances organ functions, helping to ease stress, relax the whole body and bring in energy. The massage is not suitable for patients with mycosis, warts and in pregnancy.

Cupping massage
Cupping (vacuum therapy) is a unique, effective massage and therapy technique stimulating intense blood circulation in the treatment area. The origins of cupping are attributed to ancient China. The cups help to ease and remove cellulite, backache and ache in joints, with proven effects in treatment of migraine, diabetes, hypertension, indigestion, gout, gallbladder ailments and pain associated with menstrual cycles etc.

Manual lymphatic drainage
A very fine technique to improve the quality of lymphatic circulation. If it fails to work properly, the overall immunity of body is impaired, resulting most often in overall fatigue, exhaustion, diseases, foot and leg fatigue, and oedema. It involves use of special slow grips and movements, flat, circular and spiral alike, helping to move lymph to nodes and remove redundant water and waste substances from the body. The massage is very soothing and relaxing.

Dorn method
It is a fine manual therapy allowing to restore vertebrae and joints into their original, natural position. To do so, gentle pressure is applied while the patient moves actively and cooperates. It is very effective in terms of removing physical and mental blocks and the direct causes of illnesses. It is also very safe as no jerking stretching occurs in tissues and no blood clots are released.

Breuss massage
This is a soft massage of manual energy transmission into the region of spine, undoing any physical and mental blockage. Hypericum oil is applied to regenerate spinal laminae. A combination with the Dorn method is highly suitable.